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NJECT.us Club Call Sign: NJ2CT
Let's bring North and South Jersey together by combining efforts
to offer "Public Service Communications" to the entire state.

"This is the organization for the Active Ham Radio Operator"

Upon Arrival
1-Show your Photo ID andPayPal receipt with your FRN on it and your student number in the upper right corner.
2-Sign in and obtain your free door prize ticket.
3-Get your name sticker with your Student Number
4-Take the seat that matches your student number, we will start the review of Element 2. Takes about 3.5 - 4 hours to review.

Around 12 Noon we break for lunch for about an hour

Around 1PM resume Hamcram and finish Element 2

At the conclusion of Element 2 review:
You will receive Form NCVEC 605 if you did not bring one already filled out and you will receive a 3-part short form
called, a "CSCE".
Fill it out according to the instructions we give you. Someone will collect them when they are signed and completed.
Tests and answer sheets will be handed out,
please follow directions for information needed on answer sheet-DO NOT WRITE IN THE TEST BOOKLET PLEASE!

PLESAE NOTE that you may not have a cell phone or open booklets of any kind on the desk during the test.
You may use a blank paper for calculations or notes for use during the test only.
You may use a calculator without any memories stored.
Please follow the directions of the VEC Coordinator to avoid issues.

When you are done, raise your hand, we will collect the papers. Be sure to maintain silence as others are still testing!
You may leave the area or walk around while we score your answers.
Please do not ask how many you got wrong, as this is a Pass or Fail exam.
What happens next?
If you pass the test you may request to take the GENERAL exam at no additional cost*.
If you pass the GENERAL exam, you may request to take the EXTRA exam, all at no additional cost*.

(*Only if we have three VE's that are General and/or EXTRA CLASS Available! There is no guarantee that we can provide this service.)

If you fail the TECHNICAN exam, you may take it again
(although it will be a different version with some different questions)
There will be an additional fee of $15.00 cash or check due before you take the 2nd try, (limit: 2 tries per student).

I Passed, now what? YEAH!
You will receive the WHITE TOP copy of the CSCE Form as proof of passing the test, don't leave without it!
In about a week or two, check the FCC's ULS site for your authorization to operate.
From there, you can print an "Offical Copy" of your license, they will not mail one to you.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not authorized to transmit until your authorization
is listed on the FCC's ULS site. There are HUGE fines for violating Part 97!

Do a search here FCC ULS with your FRN to see if your license was issued.

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